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Considered by many to be the ultimate source for fine stone workmanship, Italy is the home country of Professional Tile & Marble owner, Marcello Osso. Marcello jokes that he captures many of his clients when they hear his accent. (See about for more.)

From Egyptian pyramids to European cathedrals, stone cutting and tile design have influenced the way we live. During the Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries, Italy's architects and stone cutters mastered the art of shaping marble and glass, creating some of the most beautiful mosaics, carvings and buildings in history. Their craftsmanship set the standard worldwide.

During this time, Italian tile design flourished, adorning palaces, villas and religious buildings in Europe. The spirit of stylistic innovation and attention to detail was passed down though the 19th century Classical Period and 20th century Art Deco. It spread further in the 1800s when immigrants brought their expertise to American shores.



Today, that inventiveness still thrives in the homes, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms that are created and designed by the finest artisans such as Professional Tile and Marble Corp.

"There are still things that only Italian craftsmen know how to do," Marcello says, referring to the vital role his countrymen continue to play in designing and detailing buildings and homes.

Professional Tile and Marble can enrich your everyday life with stone craftsmanship passed down from ancient history to today. Peruse our galleries to see examples of our marble and tile gems. Please contact us with questions or ideas. Thank you for visiting.